Forum OpenACS Development: Re: A data types package, Q-Forms now has a quasi-event handler web ui

Oh, just realized I neglected to include a reference to two demo pages in the Q-forms package.

See q-forms/www/admin/test-qfo_2g-a
and test-qfo_2g-b
These two pages need to be moved to somewhere else in an OpenACS instance to test, since Q-forms is a service-only package.


There's a typo in the filename I posted.

Anyway, here's the demo/test forms in action:

With just one flag, the form can switch between presenting checkboxes or "select multiple" options. And, switch between radio and "select" options.
It also detects doctype to generate html5, html4 or xml.

Accessibility features are chosen by default, if not provided.

Here are the component files, to show how form cgi code has been reduced to a little bit of declaration:

I haven't had the need to use the INPUT tag, type="file" yet, so haven't checked that yet. Most everything is backed by unit testing by design.

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Looks like these demos required permission to access at the site. --Not very helpful.

The permissions have been removed on these urls, and remain within the www/doc of the package for security purposes.

Sorry if this has been an issue for you. I wasn't aware until now.

best wishes,