Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Naviserver Post Body Lost if Over a Certain Size

Posted by Dave Bauer on
Gustaf, Thanks for that fix. We added the form.tcl to our naviserver . Should that work? We are getting an error message of

wrong # args: should be "try code ?catch? ?handler? ?finally? ?cleanup?"
while executing
"try {
set content [read $fp]
#ns_log warning "===== ns_parseformfile reads $file $form $contentType -> [string length $content..."
(procedure "ns_parseformfile" line 17)

We added the form.tcl so we did not have to recompile naviserver. I didn't notice any changes to other files for this fix.

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
what version of "try" are you using? "try" is builtin in tcl 8.6 [1] and there is an emulation in tcllib for 8.5. None of these versions provide the error message above.