Forum OpenACS CMS: Re: Problem installing Naviserver (Gentoo)

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on

you wrote:

The released version from sourceforge gave me the same error.

no, this can't be, the whole source tree if 4.99.16 does not contain ECDSA_SIG

/usr/local/src% fgrep -r ECDSA_SIG naviserver-4.99.16

I have as well doubts that you are using OpenSSL 1.0.2o-r3 during the the compilation, since it defines ECDSA_SIG. One can figure out, what's happening in your configuration by asking the C-compiler to keep the result of the pre-processor

% cd naviserver
naviserver% make "CFLAGS_DEFAULT=-save-temps -DNDEBUG"  nsd/tclcrypto.o 

The command above produces a file named tclcrypto.i in the current directory, which we can check then, where it got the include files from, and what is the version of OpenSSL. Below are the results from my local notebook:

naviserver% fgrep evp.h  tclcrypto.i |head -1
# 1 "/usr/local//include/openssl/evp.h" 1 3

naviserver% fgrep opensslv.h  tclcrypto.i |head -1
# 1 "/usr/local//include/openssl/opensslv.h" 1 3

naviserver% fgrep OPENSSL_VERSION_NUMBER /usr/local//include/openssl/opensslv.h
# define OPENSSL_VERSION_NUMBER  0x10101005L

What do you get?