Forum OpenACS CMS: Re: Problem installing Naviserver (Gentoo)

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on

so, during a meeting, i installed Gentoo Linux and did the following steps, but "unfortunately" everything worked fine for me.

 # cat /etc/gentoo-release 
 Gentoo Base System release 2.4.1

 # update gentoo and install libraries
 sudo bash
 emerge --sync
 emerge --ask  dev-vcs/mercurial
 emerge --ask  dev-libs/openssl

 # Install Tcl in /usr/local/ns
  tar zxvf tcl8.6.8-src.tar.gz
  cd tcl8.6.8/unix
  ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/ns
  make install
  cd ../..

  # Install NaviServer from Bitbucket
  hg clone
  cd naviserver
  make install

  # as normal user (non-root)
  gentoo /home/vagrant # /usr/local/ns/bin/nsd -c
[15/Jun/2018:08:20:44][23783.7f66110e5740][-main-] Notice: OpenSSL 1.0.2o  27 Mar 2018 initialized
[15/Jun/2018:08:20:44][23783.7f66110e5740][-main-] Notice: binder: started
[15/Jun/2018:08:20:44][23783.7f66110e5740][-main-] Notice: nsmain: NaviServer/4.99.17d2 starting
[15/Jun/2018:08:20:44][23783.7f66110e5740][-main-] Notice: nsmain: security info: uid=1000, euid=1000, gid=1000, egid=1000
[15/Jun/2018:08:20:44][23783.7f66110e5740][-main-] Notice: nsmain: Tcl version: 8.6.8

So, what's different in your setup?