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Posted by Raul Rodriguez on
On a fresh install of Debian 9 I installed naviserver and openacs via and from:

The navisever installation was interrupted. I tried to do a clean install and uncommented all the files in the Clean up section but it failed since tdom-0.9.0-src.tgz existed instead of tDom-0.9.0-src.tgz:
if [ $do_clean = 1 ] ; then
#rm tcl${version_tcl}-src.tar.gz
rm -r tcl${version_tcl}
#rm ${tcllib_dirname}-${version_tcllib}.tar.bz2
rm -r ${tcllib_dirname}-${version_tcllib}
#rm naviserver-${version_ns}.tar.gz
rm -rf naviserver-${version_ns}
#rm naviserver-${version_ns}-modules.tar.gz
rm -r modules
#rm thread${version_thread}.tar.gz
rm -r thread${version_thread}
#rm nsf${version_xotcl}.tar.gz
rm -rf nsf${version_xotcl}
#rm -f tDOM-${version_tdom}.tgz
rm -rf ${tdom_base}

The installation failed with:
------------------------ Installing tDOM -------------------------------- line 593: cd: tdom-0.9.0/unix: No such file or directory

tdom_base was removed; however, it seems tar did not execute since it found tdom_tar per:

if [ ! $version_tdom = "GIT" ] ; then
if [ ! -f ${tdom_tar} ] ; then
#wget --no-check-certificate${version_tdom}.tgz
#curl -L -O${version_tdom}.tgz
# Get a version of tdom, which is compatible with Tcl
# 8.6. Unfortunately, the released version is not.
rm -rf ${tdom_base} ${tdom_tar}
#curl -L -O
#tar zxvf 4be49b70cabea18c90504d1159fd63994b323234
#mv tDOM-tdom-4be49b7 tDOM-${version_tdom}
curl -L -O${tdom_tar}
tar zxvf ${tdom_tar}
if [ ! -f "tdom/${version_tdom_git}" ] ; then
# get the newest version of tDOM
rm -rf tdom
echo "get tDOM via: git clone"
git clone
# cd tdom
# git checkout 'master@{2012-12-31 00:00:00}'
# cd ..

When I manually removed tdom-0.9.0-src.tgz the installation was successful.

After completing the OpenACS installation the
Upstart instructions were presented but did not work; however, systemctl did.