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Posted by Raul Rodriguez on
The following is a summary of what I did:
- Installed debian 9
- Installed naviserver and openacs using the scripts from git clone
- [ns_info home]/modules/nsssl did not exist
- Downloaded letsencrypt
- Performed make install in /usr/local/src/naviserver-letsencrypt-a4c48260f300/
- Copied letsencrypt.tcl to /var/www/service0/packages/acs-subsite/www/admin/
- On my router, opened up ports 80 and 443 and port forward to openacs.
- Left 8443 commented out in my openacs install
- Opened up browser and logged in to openacs as admin
- Went to
- Entered domain names
- Got permission Request Error
- Udpated permission on /etc/ssl/openssl.cnf and /usr/local/ns/config-service0
- Ran again
- Success
- nsssl and related documents were created and config-service0 was updated
- removed newly added 'ns_section ns/server/${server}/modules' and 'ns_param nsssl' from config file and uncommented https port
- restarted openacs
- site came up and was able to log on via https

Thank You for all of your work and help.