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Posted by Iuri Sampaio on
Hi Gustaf, Thanks for the tips.
I've amended the source code in order to use name instead of title. (ie. by the time the item gets inserted.) That way, we don't harm SEO statistics.

One thing, though, is that, in the long term, a user may change the title of the item, then the URL becomes different from the actual title, causing a bad user/public experience
(i.e. the public will browse the item's page, and they will see that the URL is slightly, or very, different from the actual title.

But that's perfectionism, I'd say. So, I created a scheduled script to update the name of the item,once in a while.
That way SEO URL won't change too often, meaning every time a user changes item's title. But only when the script runs.

Plus, I've made a few enhancements to util_text_to_url in order to switch Latin accentuated letters to their actual/root letters, instead of hyphen symbol "-".

set name [util_text_to_url [string map {á a à a â a ã a ç c é e è e ê e í i ó o õ o ô o ú u "´" "" "'" "" " " - "," -} [string tolower $title]]]

Best wishes,