Forum OpenACS Development: Announcement: improved api-doc with calling information, call-graph and test coverage

Dear all,

as some of you might have noticed on, the HEAD version of the api-doc browser has several new features. The API browser

  • shows now calling information (who is calling an API function)
  • shows information of called API functions
  • shows calling information from other API calls (include protection and deprecated information),*init.tcl files and web pages (from www and lib)
  • shows test coverage (in case the regression test correctly provides this information)
The API browser shows per API call a dynamically computed partial call-graph, which contains at most 5 calling and 5 called functions, and omits recursive calls to get a nice layout. Below are two example call-graphs from the forum::new and pm_load_packages API calls. The function "forum::new" calls the three displayed API functions, is called by two API calls and the lib/forums/new ADP include, and is covered by 5 test cases.

The second example shows the call-graph of the API call apm_load_packages, which is called by a init file and calls serval other functions.

Hope this helps people not to get lost in the code, ... and maybe, we get on the longer range a better test coverage.

all the best

Nice addition!

Thank You

Super feature! Well done everyone involved.


Awesome Gustaf!!
It helps not only tests, but also many other aspects such as pkg upgrades, error debugging sessions. They are much better now. ad_proc relationshiops are visual now!
Best wishes,
Thank you, Gustaf et al,

This is very useful.

Glad to learn about the -procs parameter for aa_register_case also.

OpenACS cheers,

While talking about automated testing: we have now a new testing infrastructure for web tests in the acs::test::* namespace that works without tclwebtest - this means it works on all sites without extra software installed. One finds examples for acs::test e.g. in the tests for forums and in the tests for automated testing... and over the API-browser. Furthermore, the test logs may have now sections (via aa_section) and different highlighting to make long test protocols easier to read.
I'm so glad that there's a OpenACS way to do tclwebtest, and that the testing features have matured like this.

Thank you, Gustaf and co-core-developers!

I'll try UI testing soon as I'm ramping up UI development on a suite of packages now.