Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Problem upgrading oacs-5.8 to oacs-5.9

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on

hmm, i tried the following:

1) Created a fresh db

sudo -u postgres $PGBIN/createdb -U nsadmin $DB

2) make a fresh tree based on openacs-5.8.1.tar.gz and a matching config file for NaviServer

3) installed into oacs-5-8-1t, restarted, got a running version of OpenACS 5.8.1

4) stopped oacs-5-8-1t instance, took openacs-5.9.1-core.tar.gz, expanded in in /tmp, copied /tmp/openacs-5.9.1/packages/* over 5.8.1t/packages

5) started server new, navigated to /acs-admin/install/ and then "upgrade from local filesystem", selected all suggested packages, etc..... and everything worked.

So, why do you got this error? The page contract filter "word" was already available in oacs-5-8, so something is probably broken during startup such that loading ran into a problem. Your are sure that you see no errors in the error.log in a step like (5) above?