Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Problems with SuppressHttpPort

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on

I've updated the oacs-5-9 branch, increased version number and re-tagged, such that OpenACS 5.9 users can also do a "upgrade from repository".

In the HEAD branch, i did similar (did some more cleanup, including a small regression test, ...)

all the best

Posted by Raul Rodriguez on

Went to

The "ACS Site-Wide Administration" link has the port,

Does the logic need to be updated to include a check for SuppressHttpPort?

The link uses util::configured_location


ad_page_contract {
    @author Bryan Quinn (
    @author Michael Bryzek (

    @creation-date August 15, 2000
    @cvs-id $Id: index.tcl,v 2016/09/02 17:33:19 gustafn Exp $
} {
} -properties {

array set this_node [site_node::get -url [ad_conn url]]
set title "Subsite [_ acs-subsite.Administration]: $this_node(instance_name)"

set acs_admin_url [apm_package_url_from_key "acs-admin"]
array set acs_admin_node [site_node::get -url $acs_admin_url]
set acs_admin_name $acs_admin_node(instance_name)
set sw_admin_p [permission::permission_p -party_id [ad_conn user_id] -object_id $acs_admin_node(object_id) -privilege adm\
set full_acs_admin_url [util::configured_location]$acs_admin_url

set convert_subsite_p [expr { [llength [apm::get_package_descendent_options [ad_conn package_key]]] > 0 }]


ad_proc -public util::configured_location {} {

    Return the configured location as configured for the current
    network driver. While [util_current_location] honors the virtual
    host information of the host header field,
    util::configured_location returns the main configured location
    (probably the main subsite). This also differs from [ad_url],
    which returns always the same value from the kernel parameter,
    since it returns either the https or http result.

    @return the configured location in the form "proto://hostname?:port?"

    @see ad_url
    @see util_current_location
} {
    set driver_info [util_driver_info]
    return [util::join_location \
		-proto    [dict get $driver_info proto] \
		-hostname [dict get $driver_info hostname] \
		-port     [dict get $driver_info port]]

Thank You