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Posted by Raul Rodriguez on
When I installed naviserver and openacs I used the installation scripts ( On Debian 9 I followed these instructions:
cd /usr/local/src
git clone
cd install-ns

sudo bash

bash build

bash build

After this, openacs started with the config.tcl file from the naviserver directory and /lib/systemd/system/example.service also used it:


On openacs I ran letsencrypt (/var/www/example/packages/acs-subsite/www/admin/letsencrypt.tcl) from On successful completion, /usr/local/ns/config-example.tcl was automatically updated to point to the new certificate.

Since then, I have been using /user/local/ns/config-example.tcl. Based on your reply I updated this file and am now able to see the values of the bind variables. Next I will move everything over to use /var/www/example/etc/config.tcl.

Thank you for your help