Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Strange character issue on old OACS Site

Posted by Jon Griffin on
Never mind, I found it, but can't compile for some reason. Keeps saying ./util/nsmakeall.tcl: Permission denied

Even though I'm root.

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
If the plan is to make as little as possible changes on an ancient version of OpenACS, one should fix AOLserver. I think one should be able to compile it with moderate tweaks. Maybe, one has to replace ./util/nsmakeall.tcl by tclsh ./util/nsmakeall.tcl.

if the plan is to upgrade the instance to some future-safe version (recent versions of Tcl, PostgreSQL, security fixes, etc.), It is recommended to use NaviServer instead of AOLserver. One can get a recent version of OpenACS with NaviServer with [1] compiled on many Unix versions. This install-script gives you at least proper binaries and a config file for OpenACS with NaviServer that can be usually quickly adjusted to local needs.

all the best
[1] https.//