Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Passing custom variables through pages

Posted by Brian Fenton on
Hi Iuri

It might be good to show us your code, but here are a few things you should try. There is also more documentation here

You should have something like these in the ad_page_contract:
{items_per_page 20}
{page_size "" }
{page:naturalnum 1}

These need to be included in your filters declaration:

items_per_page {}
page_size {}

Your list::create needs at least these:

-page_size $items_per_page \
-page_query_name page_sql_query_name \
-page_flush_p 1

page_sql_query_name will need to be defined in the .XQL file

Finally, your main list multirow query should have something like these:

[template::list::page_where_clause -and -name $list_name -key claim_detail_id]
[template::list::filter_where_clauses -name $list_name]
[template::list::orderby_clause -name $list_name -orderby]

hope this helps