Forum OpenACS CMS: forward port 80 to port 443 and upgrade to secure connection

I'm wondering how to upgrade an insecure connection being made on port 80 and redirect to port 443 with naviserver? I'm doing a lot of work getting naviserver set up right before I install openacs.
The recommended way for upgrading from plain http to https is via HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS [1]); this is the setup e.g. at

Actually one should get this more or less out of the box, when installing OpenACS via [2]. After installing, install a certicfiate and activate https (i.e. uncomment "set httpsport ..." in the config file). The default config file openacs-config.tcl [3] is installed by [2] by default as /usr/local/ns/config-openacs-VERSIONNUMBER.tcl (e.g. openacs-5-9-1.tcl).

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