Forum OpenACS CMS: Re: running into some errors and or issues

Posted by Vasily Sora on
So I changed some setting in postgresql and managed to get things to work. Then I tried to enable ssl I installed lets encrypt cert using this script here

I have the configuration set up and don't see an error in it

That is a paste of the config.

Here is the error I don't understand.

[10/Nov/2018:16:03:01][15032.7faf6d598700][-main-] Notice: modload: loading module nsssl from file
[10/Nov/2018:16:03:01][15032.7faf6d598700][-main-] Notice: nsssl:0: enable 0 spooler thread(s)
[10/Nov/2018:16:03:01][15032.7faf6d598700][-main-] Notice: nsssl:0: enable 0 writer thread(s)
[10/Nov/2018:16:03:01][15032.7faf6d598700][-main-] Notice: OpenSSL OpenSSL 1.0.2p  14 Aug 2018 initialized
[10/Nov/2018:16:03:01][15032.7faf6d598700][-main-] Error: nsssl: certificate parameter must be specified in the config file under ns/server/oacs-5-9-1/module/nsssl
[10/Nov/2018:16:03:01][15032.7faf6d598700][-main-] Error: modload: /usr/local/ns/bin/ Ns_ModuleInit returned: -1
[10/Nov/2018:16:03:01][15032.7faf6d598700][-main-] Fatal: modload: failed to load module ''
[10/Nov/2018:16:03:01][15032.7faf6d598700][binder] Notice: binder: stopped