Forum OpenACS Development: Re: ns_set returns "" when proxy_mode is true

Posted by Iuri Sampaio on
Hi Gustaf,

Even with NGINX parameter assigned (i.e. proxy_set_header), and proxy_mode assigned to "true" (i.e. within ns-config.tcl), most of the links weren't affected.

proxy_set_header X-SSL-Request 1;

# Are we running behind a proxy?
set proxy_mode false

In fact, the system behaves better when proxy_mode is false and NGINX is present. It's weird and unexpected.

Furthermore, I enabled the parameter SuppressHttpPort (i.e. acs-tcl parameter), and I noticed fewer port redirections, and that was a good sign.

Actually, there's only one now, at /admin/ section (i.e. Subsite Administration: Main Site).

It's the last link in the page:

"ACS Site-Wide Administration (Site-wide administration)", which links to /acs-admin/

When I click on that one, the address changes from to

I solved it, by restarting Navisever listening on IP But that isn't the best solution.
Before it was only localhost, as per your scripts, and that better!

The problem isn't quite solved yet, but at least now, It's easier to track down the bug within OACS core!

Let you know when I find anything.