Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to spam module charset encoding issue when inserting to blob

Hi Janus,

Thanks for your pointers. All clear except for finding the right parameter for the tcl command convertto.

For starters, the header_subject is fine, thats not the one that needs convertion, since all accents and such remain intact. My concern is the body of the message.

I tried convertto on multiple locations (before creation new mail, before sending, within acs_mail_body_to_output_format, etc), all to no avail.

    set content [encoding convertto iso8859-1 $content]

Now I presume that iso8859-1 is what I should use, since I couldn't find a good explanation online. But unfortunatly it doesn't work.

The mail headers all look proper, but the body output is still wrong.

Any clue?