Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Customisation Parameters of OACS Site

Posted by Tilmann Singer on
That's really all there is so far, don't know if that works at all right now, and don't take this as recommended way, I just looked in api-doc for procs that do what I need:

apm_ns_write_callback "Installing packages


foreach package_key { file-storage, directory, general-comments, forums, notifications, acs-mail-lite } {

    set spec_file "[acs_root_dir]/packages/$package_key/$"

    set version_id [apm_version_enable [apm_package_install -load_data_model 
                                            -callback apm_ns_write_callback 

    set main_site_node_id [site_node::get_node_id -url "/"]
    set main_site_package_id [site_node::get_object_id -node_id $main_site_node_id]

    site_node_apm_integration::new_site_node_and_package -name $package_key 
        -parent_id $main_site_node_id -package_key $package_key 
        -instance_name $package_key -context_id $main_site_package_id


apm_ns_write_callback "