Forum OpenACS Development: Answering a Forum thread via Email

Posted by Iuri Sampaio on
I've assigned to receive notifications for this OACS Forum, and I got myself answering the last thread directly through the email (i.e. the notification, which I received from OACS).

Then, I questioned myself: why doesn't OACS offer such a feature already?

It could be an extension of notification pkg, to be integrated with pkgs Forum, Blog, Calendar, etc.

In the same model that Notifications pkg does with its API already, however, now with the feature to receive emails, and delegate them to their respective packages (i.e. or objects).

I've seen something referencing this path, within /packages/acs-mail-lite/tcl/incoming-mail-procs.tcl, ad_proc load_mails, starting at line 95

if {!$callback_executed_p} {
# Special treatment for e-mails which look like they contain an object_id
set pot_object_id [lindex [split $email(to) "@"] 0]
ns_log Debug "Object_id for mail:: $pot_object_id"
if {[ad_var_type_check_number_p $pot_object_id]} {
if {[acs_object::object_p -id $pot_object_id]} {
callback acs_mail_lite::incoming_object_email -array email -object_id $pot_object_id

# Mark that the callback has been executed already
set no_callback_p 1

Would that be a nice feature to have in the core?
Last and not least important, Is it feasible to achieve?
(p.s. I know something, but I'm not fully aware of further implications, which such a feature(s) would cause, and how, to the core of OACS sourcecode.

Best wishes,