Forum OpenACS Development: Re: returning to a url after execution of auth::require_login

Dear Iuri,

i could reproduce the problem of the form with RegisterRestrictEntireServerToRegisteredUsersFilters is activated, The problem seems to be like since since ages (at least 14 years+). When this parameter is set, a filter named "ad_restrict_entire_server_to_registered_users" is registered, which is pretty invasive and tries to do what auth::require_login does. This is at least my understanding. However, it just respects query variables, but ignores form variables.

Anyhow, I've replaced the magic redirect call with "auth::require_login", and now it seems to work fine. The modified function is now [2] . Iuri, please test as well.

Does anyone know, what packages uses "*/user_please_login.tcl"? This name/pattern is probably some legacy and should be removed.



Hi Gustaf

thanks for this. It seems to even support file uploads, which is more than I had hoped for.