Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to i18n woes on a very simple site

Posted by Henry Minsky on
I am forgetting mostly what the details were, but I do remember that for certain
you had to patch the adp handler if your files were in anything
except ISO-LATIN or maybe UTF-8 encoding. The AOLserver adp handler that
reads files from disk has some kind of hardcoded expectation of
what encoding the file is in. So instead, you need to patch
ACS's adp handler to read the file into a Tcl string, using the
channel encoding of your choice when you open the file, and then
pass it to the adp interpreter with the -string option.

I had a similar hack for plain .tcl files, the request processor
was patched to first set the encoding before reading the file.
These hacks let me read Japanese ShiftJIS encoded .tcl and .adp files properly.

Emacs can be coerced to leave file encodings alone, but it was
always trying to do something "helpful" if you turned your back on it.