Forum OpenACS Q&A: Generating something like 3.2.5 poll option-reordering widget?

I'm trying to contort ad_form to create a UI similar to the one that the old 3.2.5 poll module used to reorder options in a poll. This involved a table containing a series of selects in the left-hand column for the numbering, with a "Reorder" button below them. In the right-hand column of the table was the series of text statements (the poll options) underneath which was a textbox and an "Add" button for creating a new option.

I think this is a great UI for editing things (like surveys) in which elements need to be added and reordered. I've spent all afternoon trying to figure out how to do this with ad_form, and I'm about to conclude that ad_form won't work for this. (Maybe that's why poll hasn't yet been ported from 3.2.5 to 4.x?)

Can anyone who understands ad_form and the templating system better than I (that should include just about everyone) opine whether ad_form can be extended to do this duty, or whether it will require writing html from the .tcl (bleah!). TIA!