Forum OpenACS Development: Re: cal_item_new doesn't exist inside dotlrn

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on

i can't reproduce this on my instances. Does this happen with a fresh install from the oacs-5-10 branch?

In general uses the dotlrn calendar just the plain OpenACS calendar. So, when adding a calender item in a plain OpenACS calendar works for you, then i would assume local modification on your instance in the dotln calendar or some mixed installation with old package versions.

Posted by Iuri Sampaio on
No. the installation is OACS 5.9.2d1. .LRN is 2.9.1

No local modification was made in those packages.

url="acs-kernel" version="5.9.2d1"/
url="dotlrn" version="2.9.1"
url="calendar" version="2.9.1"/
url="calendar-portlet" version="2.9.1"/>