Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Issues with site-wide SSL configuration

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
This is what i referred to with "When running behind a proxy, also the backend requires some changes". Your old version of ACS has to be made aware that it is not directly communicating with the peer, but with a proxy. So it will think that the other side can directly reply to its own address, or that the peer is the proxy server, which will be noted as well in the access.log containing just the IP addresses of the proxy instead of the IP address of the real peer.

Current OpenACS has the commands (see [1]) for handling such cases:
- [ad_conn peeraddr]
- [ad_conn behind_proxy_p]
- [ad_conn behind_secure_proxy_p]

Check out the source code of current OpenACS, when something special have to be done in the reverse proxy cases, some of these might not be relevant for you.