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Hello everyone. I have some global (shared) Tcl files with procs in my global tcl directory. Every time i make a modification in some of them Im restarting Naviserver service. I would like to know if there is a way to reload (reread) them without restarting Naviserver. Like i do in Tcl just run source file.tcl

Thank you

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
Are you working with OpenACS? If yes, look at the package manager under /acs-admin/apm and its reload/watch functionality.
Posted by Siqsuruq Siqsuruq on
Sorry may be its a wrong place to ask this question, but actually in this particular case no, im not working with OpenACS. Its a small web application for a client.
Ive been reading about ns_eval, is this a way i need to go. Thank you
Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
The right place to ask for is the naviserver-devel list [1]. Yes, "ns_eval source" is for plain NaviServer the easiest way to go. Simple guideline:
- "source ...": update definitions in the current thread
- "ns_eval source ...": update the blueprint of all Tcl threads of a server.
See also [2] for blueprint and libraries, or [3] for more detailed manipulation of blueprints.