Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Invalid command name "::thread::create", invoked from within ns_mutex eval ns_mutex::throttle

Ann mentioned to have added a "package require Thread"... which is not the way to go. My guess is that she took the thread library, which is a the result of a off-the-shelf Tcl installation, and loaded this this way - leading to the broken behavior.

The problem here is, that libthread can be compiled as a tcl package or as a AOLserver/Naviserver module. The latter is required here. In order to compile libthread as AOLserver/NaviServer module, it has to be configured with "--with-naviserver=..." and then loaded as a module (see e.g. [1]).

But of course, the easiest approach is get it via install-ns [2], which does this for you. Maybe Ann has done this, and was brought to the wrong track by the 2-server config file, which was stripped down from the classical sample config files doing already the right thing.

i will update the wiki page concerning libthread....

all the best