Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Who wants to built .WRK?

Posted by defunct defunct on
Don't know if its already been mentioned but its not so much the calendar as the individual entries that one might one to be private/public....

also, you would probably want to be able to have degrees of visibility. For example as Director I'd probably want certain things private, but visible to co-directors and my PA perhaps (if I had one ;) but not visible to other employees.

So you'd want to be able to create closed-user-groups.

As well... and this is something I've recently been asked by a customer, GSM adn PDA integration is key... SMS notifications of diary changes entries for example, and being able to sync the system.

I guess you;ve already used the SMS Broker, so you'll know it won;t affect the application, other than you should put in the option to put an SMS on the queue at these key points.

If you say PDA/Mobile integration to a customer who want an intranet their eyes light up ;)