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Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
Dear Ann,

OpenACS has no API for turning a subsite into the main site. Although it is possible to achieve something close to this by updating the site node relations in the site_nodes table (including re-parenting nodes), it is more complicated than this due to caching and membership relations (what should happen with the members of the main site) and membership inheritance. There are probably more things lurking in the dark, which would have to be addressed by such an operation.

OpenACS offers two means for achieving similar effects:
a) host-node maps (via web interface on side-wide admin pages) - binding a subsite to the name transmitted in the "host" header field.
b) un-monting and mounting of packages (e.g. unmount packages from the subsite, mount it on the main site or vice versa).

For the time being, it is the best to protect the system against killing it via the web interface, as it was committed yesterday by antonio.

all the best