Forum OpenACS Development: Reducing logging notices

Posted by Dave Bauer on
I get a lot of these:

error.log.009:[11/May/2019:23:49:50][17943.7f16b18e1700][-driver:nssock:0-] Notice: ... sockAccept accepted 2 connections

Is there a configuration I can set to suppress this message? Is it providing useful information I need?


Posted by Gustaf Neumann on

It is very hard to say, who needs what kind of information in which kind of situation. There is no way to suppress a single message triggered by the C-code, but you can turn the "notice" messages dynamically on/off

ns_logctl severity notice on

The message informs an admin about bulky requests (a single readable notification on the listening socket triggered the receive to multiple requests). This can be configured via the parameter acceptsize in the driver sections (i.e. nssock and nsssl). Accepting multi requests "at once" triggers some serialization, but less CPU consumption. True concurrency can be achieved by multiple driver threads (parameter driverthreads).

On busy sites, this information is sometimes interesting and might hint to some reconfigurations (this information is otherwise hard to get). On many small sites, this information is not important.