Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Generating a navigation bar

Posted by Iuri Sampaio on
A quick answer is to go to acs-subiste parameters (i.e. http://you-domain/shared/parameters )

Scroll down to Navigation Tabs and find the parameter "UserNavbarTabsList". You can add more items within it. The ones you would like to avoid you can add within "NoTabApplicationList"

A bit of context:

OpenACS website uses its own theme. Most of its code is available in the core already.

However, I don't remember myself browsing through these sources: the top navigation (i.e. blue header and logo) is not there yet.

You might want to start:

1. reading packages/openacs-default-theme/lib/plain-master.adp/tab-master.adp;
2. visiting acs-sbusite configurations. You can edit website there from there.
For example, mine is /packages/theme-zen/lib/lrn-master

3. visiting acs-subiste parameters http://you-domain/shared/parameters

You might want to create your own theme, based on openacs-default-theme. Then you add a mixture TCL (i.e. categories pkg) and javascript, bootstrap, and CSS... the creativity is limitless.

Plus, you might use Xowiki pkg for that. Creating a new theme for Xowiki could be trickier than the solution above. Gustaf could describe it better.

I don't know if I had answered your question.
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