Forum OpenACS Development: Re: JODconverter vs. OpenOffice/LibreOffice Command Line

The "-detached" flag of my ns_job example is for demo purposes, causing asynchronous behavior (many things are added to the queue, the jobs are executed one-by-one in the background). When ns_job is called without this flag, then the caller will wait for the result (or until the configurable timeout is reached).

... with "ns_job" one can run arbitrary commands, also including arbitrary db-operations or "exec"... so there is much flexibility. One possible feature missing in ns_job is persistency on server restarts, but that might or might not be an issue for some applications. For persistency, there is the option of xowf's at-commands or rolling your own db-based command queue, similar to acs-mail-lite.

Thanks Gustaf and Frank. Very useful ideas, and ns_job looks great, and could be a quick win to at least stop LibreOffice server from dying. I think we can live without persistency right now. Maybe in future, we'll look at a db-based command queue.