Forum OpenACS Development: Response to Clean solutions using SOAP

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I'm not disagreeing with you Dan, what I meant was if I do have time and resources spare is this the best thing to commit them to?

You tell me who decides? Buggered if I know.. it normally seems to be someone posts up something controversial, everyone argues for a week and then something else entirely gets done. As far as I can tell 'what' gets done usually comes down to who's prepared to shout the loudest about it or post up contentious replies until everyone gives up the ghost :)

People during testing and colleagues/clients have 'mentioned' the fact that maybe there's better things to concentrate on first, like fixing the bugs, weaknesses and undesirable behaviours we have in existing packages.

I'm not as yet persuaded either way, thats why I'm asking

My only personal concern is that no customer of mine has ever asked for it. I can see the value, I can't as easily see the need if that makes sense?

I don't/haven't (who knows if I will) use SOAP and as far as I can tell in the UK the fervour for 'web-services' hasn't really caught the imagination. I just want to be working on things people really need, things that other companies and individuals actually have to have to do their job better or sell/develop more successfuly. What I don't want (and no disrespect is intended) is to waste time on anything thats largely an academic/hobbyist exercise.

I was trying to see if the was any commercial need for this. If not I'd rather spend my spare time down the pub ;)

So, following on from your question, I'll ask again, Is there this need? I can see you have plenty of ideas, but is that reflective of peoples requirements.

Does that make sense? I seem to be struggling to explain myself today, must be knackered.. *chuckle*