Forum OpenACS Development: Response to Clean solutions using SOAP

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There's always plenty of other things that can be done, but I wonder if your clients are asking for you to those things instead?

;o) Nothing quite so sinister. (or maybe you meant are they 'really', in which case yes to a degree) Blimey, postings are so open to ambiguity :ob

But yes, I do freely admit I have my own commercial considerations playing a part in it. Naturally, as we use OpenACS for commercial purposes that makes sense. I am quite open about it, I make no apologies for making a living out of much of the excellent work thats done here, and I hope people who contribute take that as the genuine compliment to their abilities that it is.

In return, as a company I hope we do what we can to pitch in also.

I really just like to make my 'angle' clear in these discussions. As a commercial company we have a responsibility to spend our time/cash frugally and in the best interests of the employees. That means I do have to evaluate anything before I can commit.

(What I do personally, when their separable) is of course entirely different.... although its question of competing with beer then ;o).

I like to be pretty communciative with customers, so I think I may 'survey' a couple of them and get a little input on this one. That might give me (and us) a better idea.

I'm certainly persuaded we can think of valuable things to do with SOAP. So if there are other commercial outfits here who can confirm their interest in it, I'd say it was go-er, cos that will help ensure the right level of committed development.

Ok, I think someone already offered to produce an initial semi-formal spec, so I'd be interested in seeing that quite soon.

I for my part will get some input from some of our bigger clients about their feelings on the matter and see if that injects some thrust/ideas into the mix, and see how it goes from there.

(Mind you I still think maybe a re-development of the request processor as an AOLServer C module wouldbe a good move. I forget who mentioned that a while ago, but yes I'm keen to see that too)