Forum OpenACS Development: Re: XML request Versus SOAP response

Posted by Iuri Sampaio on
Hi all,
The service's in place already. It's a legacy from third parties, and I'm using OpenACS (i.e. a custom package), as middleware to intermediate the communication between webserver and frontend application.

I'm going to study tclws. That's for sure. Perhaps not in this case, because I've already started parsing SOAP schema, coverting it to a json format,delivering it to the frontend.

I'm defintely using tclws as a server in my next project, or as a third option for webservice's integration.
1. JSON i.e. a custom version from intranet-rest ]PO[
2. XML-RPC OpenACS pkg
3. and now TCLWS

Thanks guys for the advices!

Best wishes,