Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Upgrade OpenACS site from NaviServer 4.99.16 to 4.99.18 cannot find symbol "Ns_ModuleInit"

Dear Raul,

The problem in your first posting was, that NaviServer was loading a version of the Tcl thread library, that was not compiled with AOLserver/NaviServer support (configure flag "--with-naviserver=...").

When Tcl is compiled, it installed automatically such a library without the flag and installed compiled libthread 2.8.2 properly and installed it, but the configure script of OpenACS grabbed the newer version.

By setting in the the version, it compiled it with the proper flag, and overwrote it.... So currently, Tcl 8.6.9 needs thread library 2.8.4.

Unfortunately, one cannot specify during Tcl configure that certain bundled packages are not compiled/configured. So this needs more fiddling to improve robustness. For now, i've changed libthread per default to 2.8.4 (as you did in your second posting in the thread).

all the best

Dear all,
After installing NS 4.88.18 on Ubuntu Bionic 18.04, I noticed libthread is currently 2.8.5. Even though script is outdated and it installs libthread-2.8.4.
So, I had to amend the installation script to use 2.8.5.


Otherwise, we get the same error context that Raul did, related to 2.8.4
Best wishes & Happy 2020 to all of us!

[16/Aug/2019:16:32:13][1062.7f06644e7700][-main-] Notice: modload: loading module libthread from file /usr/local/ns/lib/thread2.8.5/
[16/Aug/2019:16:32:13][1062.7f06644e7700][-main-] Error: modload: /usr/local/ns/lib/thread2.8.5/ cannot find symbol "Ns_ModuleInit": /usr/local/ns/lib/thread2.8.5/ undefined symbol: _Ns_ModuleInit
[16/Aug/2019:16:32:13][1062.7f06644e7700][-main-] Fatal: modload: failed to load module '/usr/local/ns/lib/thread2.8.5/'
[16/Aug/2019:16:32:13][1062.7f06644e7700][binder] Notice: binder: stopped