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3: Re: xowiki backlinks (response to 2)
Posted by Jeff Rogers on
Ah, that's exactly what I was looking for.

Two things - 1, I missed it in the docs, in part because it's only listed in the includelet list as "my-references" with no description. Could the {{available-includelets}} feature include the documentation summary about the available items, and/or links to the specific docs on them?

2 - the page references don't get updated when a page is first created. That is, if I include a link to a non-existent page on "Foo_Page" it gets rendered in red as expected on that page; if I click on the red link I get taken to a form to create that page, as expected, and then I go back to Foo_Page the link is now active; however the reference does not exist until I edit and re-save Foo_Page again. This has the effect of the easiest way to create new pages leading to apparently orphaned pages.

4: Re: xowiki backlinks (response to 3)
Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
Jeff, many thanks, are right on both items.

Concerning 1) I've updated most of the includelets to contain some comments.. These comments are included in {{available-includelets}} (scroll down on and these are included in the object browser (see Some of the includelets are end-user-friendly, some are more useful for developers, some are just used for sub-classing.

Concerning 2) This looks like a bug to me. I've added an entry to the issue tracker

all the best