Forum OpenACS Q&A: Refactoring AOLserver into libraries

Posted by Andrew Piskorski on

Remember back on Aug. 28 I mentioned the AOL crew's apparent plans to refactor much of AOLserver into libraries? Well, here's another item on that from the AOLserver ChangeLog:

2002-10-14  Jim Davidson <>

  * include/ns.h: 
  * nsd/config.c: 
  * nsd/tclinit.c: 
  * nsd/tclcmd.c: 
  * nsd/tclsock.c: 
  * nsd/main.c:  Added support for to be loaded 
  into a standard (thread enabled) tclsh or linked into a 
  custom tclsh.  Calling Ns_TclInit from a custom tclsh or 
  loading via the load command will add many 
  non-server AOLserver commands (e.g., adds ns_set but not