Forum OpenACS Development: Re: How to get gzip/brotli transfer compression working?

The version built by Maurizio is based on the source code of "31st of October 2019" (he takes always the tip version of NaviServer).

A few sentences above confuse me: Why can't you use the version of Maurizio in your product? You are mentioning a "custom built" the first time: How did you usually build the custom version in your product in the past? Why not redoing your custom build process with recent versions of NaviServer?

Posted by Gaven Eogan on
At the time there were a few bugs we needed that were not in the standard version so we had to fix them in custom version. I think at the time the log rolling was not working. Not sure what else. I wasn't involved in this part of system at that time. There was also other things added. We worked with Maurizio who gave us the build environment. I heard that we didn't need to do a newer build as there were not many changes. But now we do (need to update a lot of things). Yes we will be rebuilding latest version into our own custom (if still needed - have to check this)