Forum OpenACS Development: Re: How to get gzip/brotli transfer compression working?

Dear Gaven,
1. As Gustaf already mentioned, I always include in my distribution the tip version the Naviserver.
2. I would not have written what I wrote without having first checked that the statement printing "no zlib support built in" is indeed in the codebase.

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Dear all,
this is just to mention that brotli executable is now (from version 4.5.1) included in my distribution.
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Posted by Gaven Eogan on
I managed to get dynamic compression (ADP/TCL HTML pages) working using the latest version of your Naviserver on our system.
To do this I had to remove one piece of custom code from our code to get it to startup without error.
I also had to remove the section of config that enabled SSL (module/nsssl). We normally run systems with NSSSL enabled.
If I don't do this, I get error during startup:

"Warning: modules nsssl requires a version of NaviServer built with OpenSSL"
Error: modload: c:/naviserver/bin/nsssl.dll: Ns_ModuleInit returned:
Fatal: modload: failed to load module 'c:/naviserver/bin/nsssl.dl

Is there some reason why your version of Naviserver does not have OpenSSL enabled?

Also I can't static compression to do anything even though it is turned on (turning on settings in Fastpath section to enable Brotli or gzip)

ns_param gzip_static true ;# check for static gzip; default: false
ns_param gzip_refresh true ;# refresh stale .gz files on the fly using ::ns_gzipfile
ns_param gzip_cmd "c:/naviserver/bin/gzip -9" ;# use for re-compressing

ns_param brotli_static true ;# check for static brotli files; default: false
ns_param brotli_refresh true ;# refresh stale .br files on the fly using ::ns_brotlifile
ns_param brotli_cmd "c:/naviserver/bin/brotli -f -Z" ;# use for re-compressing

Unless i am doing something wrong... none of the CSS/JS files are ever compressed on server and sent to browser.

I really don't understand why there are so many problems and things not working with your version of Naviserver. Are they all intentionally removed?

Dear Gaven,
1. NSSL support is not turned on by default. You can adjust the configuration in the provided solution file to turn it on.
2. I never used the compression before. The testing is all up to you (did you verify on the first place that commands like "c:/naviserver/bin/brotli" actually work in your environment? did you verify if you have to use the *.exe extension?)
You get something for free, you want it to exactly meet your requirements and then you complain if it doesn't...
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In version 4.5.2 I believe I have activated the NSSL support, but for the compression part you're on your own...

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