Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to pure-TCL OpenACS - first release

Posted by John Sequeira on

Currently it's a stock tclsh installation - I'm using ActiveTCL 8.3 on W2K ... since it just runs the installer code (no web pages),  it's basically just a big shell script without any multithreaded dependencies.

I'll need to worry about threading with apache/mod_dtcl and potentially with tclHTTPD,  but not with FastCGI.  The idea behind FastCGI is that you can have a bunch of CGI scripts potentially reliant on non-multithreaded libraries,  but your web server pre-spawns them into multiple waiting processes to eliminate the normal CGI startup overhead.  Each waiting process only handles one request at a time,  so you don't have threading issues.

Because of this,  I'm operating under the assumption that I can ignore threading and still have OpenACS running under tclHTTPD for development and FastCGI as a reasonable deployment option.