Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Survey Package Expansion Proposal

Posted by Stan Kaufman on
Dave, I'm at a loss to explain this, but every bug I reported on the acceptance test server is still there. I dropped the database, did a complete, clean re-checkout from cvs at to my local cvsroot, reinstalled oacs, and I still find the same problems. I don't understand why you and I are finding such different results. Since this is an entirely fresh install from the canonical cvs branch, this can't be a problem with my use of cvs (I presume).

Did you in fact commit to the 4.6 branch of cvs? Did you perhaps instead commit to HEAD? Any other ideas??

I'm away for the next week, so I can't help think this through for a while. I'll check back in after 11/3 and see how things look then.