Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Adding a password to PGSQL user

Posted by Claudio Pasolini on
Hi Iuri,

the parameter you're searching for is named, guess what, password and you will find it within the ns/db/pool/ section.

All the best,


Posted by Iuri Sampaio on
Thanks Claudio
For future references of this forum, I'm pasting the chunk of code, which corresponds to the parameters of PGSQL, within config.tcl
Best wishes,

ns_section ns/db/pool/pool1 {
# ns_param maxidle 0
# ns_param maxopen 0
ns_param connections 15
ns_param LogMinDuration 0.01 ;# when SQL logging is on, log only statements above this duration
ns_param logsqlerrors $debug
if { $database eq "oracle" } {
ns_param driver ora8
ns_param datasource {}
ns_param user $db_name
ns_param password $db_password
} else {
ns_param driver postgres
ns_param datasource ${db_host}:${db_port}:dbname=${db_name}
ns_param user $db_user
ns_param password ""