Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Attempt to use a nonstandard variable name

Posted by Brian Fenton on
Don't worry Iuri, you're not alone! It's not easy being an OpenACS programmer these days :-)


Posted by Gustaf Neumann on

i beg to differ: it was never as simple as now to process JSON data in OpenACS. For a curl-request like:

curl --header "Content-Type: application/json" --data '{"username":"xyz","password":"xyz"}' http://localhost:8100/json-receiver

the implementation below does all the "magic" i have described above. This works for compress/uncompressed transmission, for huge data (several GB) or little data without bloating the server footprint, etc.



if {[ns_conn method] eq "POST"} {
    package req json

    set dict [json::json2dict [ns_getcontent -as_file false]]
    # Do something with the dict
    ns_return 200 text/plain $dict\n
} else {
    ad_return_complaint 1 "unsupported HTTP method: [ns_conn method]"
Posted by Brian Fenton on
My apologies, Gustaf, I wasn't making a technical point, rather a social point. I was referring to Iuri's comment (no 3) about not knowing how to ask about a problem. Many of us who have been here since the early days miss the time when the community was larger.


Posted by Iuri Sampaio on
Thanks Gustaf,
I'll amend one of the Tcl's scripts with that chunk json-receiver.tcl
Then I'm going to be able to understand how it works, and actually to measure/evaluate the amount of work that will be in order to parse those JSONs.
As I'm following always, I believe it will work like a charm.

However, not using ad_page_contract freaks me out. In the past, I was told to never forget ad_page_contract in my .tcl scripts. It was taken for granted and now I follow it as a premise.

Thanks Brian!

Best wishes,