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Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
Quick update:

You should be able to get a naviserver image from

In case you wonder, here is the OpenACS Dockerfile (I do need to setup gitub to link the to the Dockerfile... but well...).

As I mainly work with ]project-open[, my current config files are specific to it, but the yist of the idea is:

1) Two Replicas of Naviserver (still have to identify what are the best resource requirements and if I even need two replicas as Naviserver is multithreaded to begin with, on the other hand works nice with rolling updates, oh well...)

2) Put the OpenACS / ]project-open[ code into the Naviserver dockerfile and then "release" a naviserver package (e.g. sussdorff/naviserver:openacs. This is what the OpenACS dockerfile currently does.)

3) Run the database on a specific node which is a little bit beefier than the naviserver ones. Eventually I can go into postgres primary .... but why make live hard now.

I am already at the point where "docker-compose up" nicely starts up OpenACS and will deploy to my docker swarm soon.

Let me know if you are interested in any of this.