Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: ]project-open[ V5.0 Release Candidate and OpenACS

This is just to confirm that ]project-open[ Version: runs nicely also on my Windows Port of Naviserver/OpenACS which consists of the very latest version of everything.

Server Informationen: this is a bit of German isn't it?
]project-open[ Version:
OS Platform: Windows
OS Version: 10.0
TCL Version: 8.6.9
Web Server Version: 4.99
System Id: C6A4-1BD4-FFC9-8BB7-D5C6
Load Average: Can't evaluate Load Average

Speaking about the very latest version of everything, I'm a bit disappointed:
on the 12th of April some changes on the Windows files
have been merged into the main branch, well:
1. these changes are in support of a very old version of the compiler and do not compile on the most recent versions (I use the most recent version).
2. the function Ns_TimeToMilliseconds has disappeared and I do not understand why: given it is needed.

We'd better support the most recent versions of compilers and tools, as opposed to the very old ones.

Thank you,

Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
Maurizio, Ns_TimeToMilliseconds certainly did not "disappear". You thinking it did suggests to me that you haven't actually looked at the source code. Regarding old compilers, I don't understand what you're talking about. What change works only with old compilers, and breaks new ones? Gustaf only merged in two small commits, so pointing to the specific problem should be easy.