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Posted by Keith Paskett on
How often Is the openacs project on updated from the CVS repository?
I thought it was daily, but noticed that it is several days behind.

Also, is github going to become the primary repository?
If so, is there a projected timeline?

2: Re: GitHub source code (response to 1)
Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
The GitHub repositories are updated once every night MET (i think at 1am), the changes of today should be available tomorrow.

It is a goal to make github (or similar) the primary repository, but this will happen after the release of OpenACS 5.10. Most of the work will be to adjust tagging and .apm files to the tagging semantics of git (tags are per repo, in CVS per file) and to update the various pieces of information. In the best of all possible worlds, we would like to have a update-from repository via web interface from git to hide some of the details.

3: Re: GitHub source code (response to 1)
Posted by Héctor Romojaro on
Hi Keith,

in which repository in particular did you noticed it?

In most repositories, current development is being done in the oacs-5-10 branch, could it be that you are looking at a different one (i.e. master)?

4: Re: GitHub source code (response to 3)
Posted by Keith Paskett on
It was the openacs-core repository, but it is okay. I was incorrectly reading the days since last commit as the days since the last sync from CVS to github.