Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Save the date: 18th European Tcl/Tk User Meeting/ OpenACS conference in Vienna (EuroTcl 2020)

Dear all,

After careful consideration of the situation regarding the travel
and distancing restrictions due to the COVID-19 spread, we have decided to postpone the joint EuroTcl/OpenACS 2020 conference by one year.

Aside of the unclear situation about being able to held a conference or about social distancing rules at the time of the conference, also the idea of an online conference was considered. Since the social get-together, drinking a bear, sit together at a "Heurigen" etc. would be impossible, we went for the idea of a joint EuroTcl/OpenACS conference in 2021 in Vienna. Detailed dates will follow.

So we hope to see you next year in Austria.