Forum OpenACS Development: Re: FYI: Errors upgrading ]po[ from OpenACS 5.9.0 to 5.9.1

Hi Maurizio,

do you have a list of things you needed to do in order to get this working?

Did you use the ]project-open[ dumpfile for this to get started or did you do a fresh install of ]project-open[ on top of your windows system?

I want to update the ]project-open[ docker containers to the latest version, as I do follow your strategy (upgrade to latest packages on a regular basis). Additionally, I'm not entirely sure when e.g. PG9 runs out of maintenance.

Looking forward to your pointers (and if you say "there isn't much to worry about" even the better 😊).


Hello Malte and Frank,
I downloaded around the end of June (29th) the official ]po[ Windows distribution. Then from there I got the DB and the packages.
I put the packages on top of my distribution and used the above DB as starting point.
I run some few upgrades/updates.
To replicate what I did you can get:
1. my distribution:
Once installed, in /naviserver/software/ you can get the naviserver sources I use
2. some material:
containing the modified ]po[ packages and DB.

It is rough material, but I hope it helps.