Forum .LRN Q&A: LRN meeting Tue 02 jan 2007 17:00 GMT

Here is a quick transcript of today's .LRN meeting

- Attendance:
Olga Santos (olga)
Emmanuelle Raffenee (emma_r)
Don Baccus (dhogaza)
Gustaf Neumann (gustafn)
Dave Bauer (daveb)
Carl Blesius (carlb)
Raúl Morales Hidalgo (vacation)
Victor Guerra
Caroline Meeks
Nima Mazloumi
Rocael Hernández Rizzardini
Christian Fuchs 

- Duration: ~35min

- Agenda:
1) 2.2.1 final
2) 5.3/2.3
3) .lrn alias on
3.5) vguerra and translation server
4) dotlrn 2.4 (HEAD) encourage nima to start committing
5) edutools update:
6) vienna mtg remind gustafn to start looking at dates

Abbreviated Transcript:

1) 2.2.1 final

 Don released 2.2.1 final on 12/31. Congrats to everyone on a smooth release!  There was a small issue with a commit to the 5.2 branch that was untested so the tarball was taken down temporarily. New tarball will be uploaded by this weekend. See: Carl will post a news item when tarball is back up. 

Release notes: Daveb will create a cvs Changelog. Need to create real changelog for 5.3

2) 5.3/2.3

 Emma branched 5.3 (dotlrn packages) this morning (Spanish time). Emma branched notifications from oacs-5-2 instead of from head. Don will fix acs-mail-lite in oacs-5-3 and head later this week. DaveB will be syncing the MGH production server  that has been running on a mix of head and 5.2 with that branch asap with the intent of using this branch as the basis for the .LRN Zen Project. (main push for this comes from the accessibility project orchestrated by the UNED group). Emma will test install on postgres and report next week. We wonder if Raul will be able to test the Oracle install of the branch. Raul?

3) .lrn alias on

Mailing list has been set up for dotlrn leadership team: honchos [at] dotlrn [dot] org (thanks Patrick). Will set up board address shortly. List members: Need to collect bios and images of members (only have 2-3 so far). Will setup page for previous members of leadership team.

3.5) Need Victor and or Rocael to show up for next meeting so we can discuss the translation server

We could not discuss trasnlation server b/c Roc and Victor were not present this week. Will send out reminder to them using new alias. We need action on the translation server but.

4) dotlrn 2.4 (HEAD) encourage nima to start committing

We want nima to start committing his changes but not 200+ files at once. Should be in the form of an announcement (that way anyone who wants to look at the stuff they're doing should watch the cvs log) and 
we'll ask him to organize commits by function and to coordinate with the rest of us so we can do some Q/As. Should discuss transitioning from dotlrn portals/groups to openacs subsites/portals and see how his changes fit into that. Need Nima to show up for this discussion at next few meetings. .LRN 2.3 is the accessibility/design/usability improvement release (not the place for major changes due to tight schedule: March deadline)

5) edutools update:

Policy on edutools site has changed... anyone can edit. Olga will update .LRN listing.

6) vienna mtg

Briefly covered dates with Gustaf for spring .LRN meeting in Vienna. Last week of April is the preferred date. Gustaf will know schedule in the next few weeks

Happy New Year!