Forum OpenACS Development: Re: GUI Redesign of OpenACS, ]po[ and Others?

Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
Three days ago I had a discussion „how to make ]project-open[ backend development ‚sexy‘“. And I did think of just using NSF for this. Or at least for all the endpoints which we code for the (typescript) frontend. but then I thought... well, not a very commonly used sexy language either.

Especially as we don‘t have to code that much backend code in TCL anymore (with the rest endpoints provided) we „sidestep“ the problem for the time being. Especially as this allows us to have people utilize OpenACS first (using the apps with a container running the Backend) and then maybe encourage more people to either write endpoints in NSF or any other language we write TCL code wrappers for. But as I said... first we focus on the Apps :-).

Posted by Benjamin Brink on
Hi Malte,

Yeah, I'm focusing on apps, too. As soon as I have a suite of apps working, I'm going to see about building OpenACS 6.0 on NSF --unless that project starts first, then I'll go with it! ;-)